The Next Generation of Team Building & Corporate Wellness

(Have you been waiting for us?)

Wilde Honey is a fresh take on professional development.

Using our unique outside perspective, we support visionary leaders and their teams in accelerating their positive impact, so that we can co-create a sustainable & conscious world.

Why Go Wilde?

Organizations enlist us to bring a blend of interpersonal skill building and mindful technologies, resulting in more focused, expansive, and inspired teams. Ultimately this creates deeper engagement and satisfaction, more productivity, and faster achievement of organizational goals.

Why do we care? Because your culture impacts your bottom line. Because we adore thriving company cultures. Because your impact-driven success is what pollinates a more vibrant world!

How do we work? As outsiders, we take a birds-eye view of your organization, then custom craft solutions to your challenges.

Our Services


Our half-day deep dive with your team – we create and deliver a custom experience to serve your organization’s needs and desires.


Consistent contact between Wilde Honey and your organization means more integration of core skill sets for your team members.


Integrative one-on-one time with those in your organization ready to step into more expansive leadership.


Wilde Honey embodies and brings a soulful approach to team building, centered around love and the powerful understanding of interrelationships within a business.

Tucker, Co-founder at Imlak’esh Organics

Wilde Honey is a gift of a set of tools to come back to what you want & need from work environments. It’s the lesson you didn’t know you needed to learn.

Emma, Marketer in Santa Barbara


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