Wilde Honey's Mission:

We serve people and the planet by cultivating connection, wellness, and joy at work.

Somewhere along the line, it seems the game of working became toilsome, purposeless, and fear-centric.

We challenge that rule. We believe that work is a moment of true service where we can ground into a larger mission, honor the authentic, and reward joy.

We’re here to start a revolution of sweetness in business.

We Inspire

  • Sustaining energy
  • Deeper engagement
  • Present connection
  • Creative flow
  • Leadership transformation

We Value

  • The heart’s intelligence
  • Everyone’s unique experience
  • Practical mindfulness
  • The beauty of the everyday
  • Speaking our truth

We Believe

  • In the power of choice
  • In shaping our reality
  • In the sacredness of play
  • In honoring humanity’s imperfections
  • In great authenticity

We Practice

  • Curiosity over judgment
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Conservation over consumption
  • “What if” over “If only”