Our immersive "Team Building Playshops" teach wellness, communication, & connection skills.

We’ve designed this more frequent Playshop offer for teams who adore wellness. Whatever your challenges are as an organization, Wilde Honey can playfully bring you creative, fun, and skill building events so that you achieve your mission. Let’s create fresh possibilities in the business world, together.

We Support:

– Developing leadership skills

– Expanding your team’s confidence

– Learning practical communication tools

– Higher employee retainment

Our Playshops help individuals address internal growth edges such as:

– Burnout & anxiety

– Feeling a lack of support

– Exhausting emotional patterns

– Self doubt & limiting beliefs

– Self judgment & shame

Quick Facts:


  • 1-hour discovery session with leadership
  • One month of two 1-hour playshops per week
  • 1-hour debrief session with leadership

Group Size: Up to 30 team members per playshop

Location: A private room at your workplace

Our process for delivering your Playshops is fully customized:

1. WE DISCOVER – We want to know where you’re at, where your growth edges are, and where you’d like to be, so that we can design an experience that addresses your needs.

2. WE DESIGN – Taking the information we’ve gained, we call on a variety of modalities, techniques, and tools to create an immersion to specifically address your organization’s intentions.

3. WE DELIVER – We bring our team to your work site to facilitate a crafted experience, leaving you with tools and techniques that allow you to work more effectively.

4. WE DEBRIEF – After the dust has settled, we meet with you again to celebrate achievements, support integration, review what worked, and discuss how we can further support your team’s growth.

Discovery Call

For more information, hop on a quick exploratory call with us.