we are allies

We work with you to support your company’s dreams and aspirations, so that your impact is achieved easier and with more joy.

we are visionaries

We envision a sustainable, win-for-all planet where radical responsibility, curiosity, authenticity, and integrity are the norm in business.

we are healers

We believe in interconnectedness, wholeness, and helping each other find compassion and passion in the every day.

Wilde Honey is comprised of coaches, facilitators, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are committed to living from the heart, reviving ancient wisdom lineages, and supporting leaders who care.

Our approach is based in decades of study of personal development, coaching techniques, and mindfulness practices that offer scientifically-proven benefits.

We are pleased to weave together our services using a mix of the following tools:

  • Agreement Formation
  • Somatic Meditation
  • Intention and Reason-Setting
  • Conscious Movement
  • Visioning and Co-Creation
  • Heart-based Resiliency
  • Council Talking Circle
  • Plant and Herbal Medicine
  • Cooperation Technologies
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Intuitive Decision Making
  • Organizational Constellations
  • Breathwork and Sound Healing
  • Stress-Reduction Techniques
Aria Mae Everts
Corporate Heart Surgeon

As the original “Corporate Heart Surgeon,” Aria’s own heart has been refined through both epic global adventures and deep inward explorations. Whether she’s been swimming with sharks, learning with shamans, or meditating at the burning ghats on the Ganges, she has held a vision of a world where all life is honored. Towards this, her mission is to connect people with the power of their emotional intelligence, presence, and joy. She brings her curiosity and brilliance to leaders and companies driven to do good on the earth, so they can achieve their intentions with even more ease. Aria activates a depth of wisdom and genius in her clients so they can ultimately change our broken systems and rapidly impact the world, beginning from within.

Evan Rilling
Process Coach & Facilitator

Evan is an artist at heart and a vehicle for conscious transformation. He is the co-creator of Peace Sticks, a collaborative game that activates life force and supports playful connection and communication. He is a master health-conscious chef and has facilitated culinary corporate team building experiences for companies like Nutiva and JLL commercial real estate. Fun fact: Evan even spent several years cooking for the actor Will Smith! He makes cooking fun, exciting, and meaningful by connecting people to their creativity, their community, and the source of their ingredients – Mother Earth. He has strong Native American roots and caries a peace pipe in the Mi’kmaq tradition, which is used for healing ceremonies. He is a certified Life Processor through Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center and guides clients to find their personal truth and optimize their visions, dreams, and creations to do the greatest good for the greatest number.  

Headshot Adam
Adam James
Creator, Clown, & Coach

Adam is a creative powerhouse, performer and visionary whose inspiring presence and music have been experienced by billions worldwide at The Olympics, off-Broadway, and in Film and Television. Passionate about empowering play in others, his alter-ego lights up dance floors and festivals much in the same way that Bill Murray’s random appearances ignite a space. As the innovator of the “Becoming Limitlessly Creative Method,” Adam’s mission is to constantly expand his own awareness, so that he may support others who are on a similar path of universal inter-connection. He is an intuitive connector of souls, who has read the fortunes of thousands through the ongoing living tarot experience Wheel of Fortune, that he co-created for Burning Man in 2014. He also co-creates The Evening Show for The Calgary Stampede that captivates and engages a quarter million people annually. His modalities of music, yoga, guided meditation, dance and improvisation alchemize truly expansive experiences in audiences, retreat, and playshop participants.

Adam holds a degree in Jazz Performance Improvisation from McGill University.